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A Balanced Life

A Balanced Life, published by All Things That Matter Press in 2018, is a lyrical memoir that uses ice skating as a metaphor for life.  From the dreary afternoon when her uncle brought her a pair of second-hand skates to the present, Patricia has pursued skating, a sport for which she has no apparent talent. Linking each chapter to a specific aspect of skating, Patricia probes the nature of loss, time, athleticism, and commitment.  Told in a recursive style, much like skating itself as well as memory, she examines her childhood, young marriage, motherhood, career and maturation through loss and recovery. The book continues to the present, when, in her seventies, she's still skating and still trying to get her life in balance.  

St. Bart's Way

Named for a fictional street in Baltimore, this prize-winning short story collection will be published summer 2015 by Washington Writers Publishing House. The stately homes lining St. Bart's Way form the backdrop for an exploration of assumptions, values and middle-class standards.

Skating to Seventy

This personal essay about ice skating won first place award for sports writing from Winnin Writers. It is excerpted from a full-length memoir that's currently in the process of revision

Baltimore’s Lexington Market

Baltimore’s Lexington Market celebrates one of America’s most enduring marketplaces, from its founding on the heels of the Revolution to the present. With nearly 150 photographs, Baltimore’s Lexington Market “is almost a yearbook of the market faces that were once as familiar as a schoolteacher or boss.
--Baltimore Sun

"The Haint"

"The Haint" is the first story in a collection titled St. Bart's Way, which is also the name of a fictional street in Baltimore that was developed during the era of street cars. Told from two perspectives, one of the son of a slave, and the other of a present-day realtor, "The Haint" explores the duplicity undergirding a seemingly firm foundation and the false promise of security.

“The Assembly”

First published in Passages North, "The Assembly" is one of a collection titled St. Bart's Way. It tells the story of Mina, a Holocaust survivor who's living with her son, a physician. When her grandson asks her to speak at his prep school about her experience, Mina relives her experience and the family is thrown into turmoil.