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Links, Publications and Honors



Patricia is interviewed for the blog, Betty Bolte Musings



Patricia presents a session on memoir at the 2021 Washington Independent Review of Book's writing conference. 



Patricia presents her thoughts on making a character "likable" or not.



Patricia reads from her award-winning essay "Anonymous Told Me So" at the Soul-Making Award ceremony.



"What the World Needs Now," a brief essay about widowhood and ducks.



"Pitiful": a story about the restoration of a house and two lost souls.  "Pitiful" originally was published in the Alaska Quarterly Review.



"The Other Betty" was originally published in the Bryant Literary Review and is included in Patrricia's award-winning collection of stories titled St. Bart's Way.



"Downward Drifting," published in Fiction in 2008, explores the impact of war over the decades of an ordinary housewife's life.



"The Counter-Mince Move," a Christmas story about memory and sedition, was published in Edify.



"Keeping Cool and With Each Other" was published on the op-ed page of The Baltimore Sun on July 22, 2019.



Below is a link to Snowflakes in a Blizzard, a blog promoting new writers who might otherwise be lost like a snowflake in a blizzard. 











Patricia writes fiction and creative nonfiction, and her work has been published in journals featuring both genres.  She also writes book reviews.




She has had thirty short stories published in national and international literary journals, including The Alaska Quarterly Review, The Litchfield Review, Left Curve, Scribble, The Potomac Review, Fiction, Kentucky Review, The Dalhousie Review as well as others.  Her work as been included in anthologies that also featured stories by such writers as Alice McDermott and Annie Proulx. In 2015,Washington Writers' Publishing House awarded its prize for fiction and published Patricia's story collection titled St. Bart's Way. Previously St. Bart's Way had been named a finalist for the Flannery O'Connor and Snake Nation awards. 






Patricia has been a regular contributor to the op-ed pages of The Baltimore Sun for 50 years.  Her essays also have been published by The Washington Post, The Chattahoochee Review, Troika, Muse and Stone, Under the Sun, Memoirs Ink, Winning Writers, Bluestem, and Spank the Carp. In 2018, her memoir A Balanced Life was published by All Things That Matter Press.



  •  2022, Finalist, "Sex with a Blind Man," The Tobias Wolff Award, Bellingham Review
  •  2021, Second Place, Flash Fiction, This Thing With Sticks Soul-Making Contest, League of                         American Pen Women, San Francisco Branch
  •  2021,  Second Place, Short Story In the Ullage, Soul-Making Contest, League of American Pen                    Women, San Francisco Branch  
  •  2021, Finalist, Story Collection, Apple, Key, Cross, Willow Springs, Spokane Prize
  • 2021, Finalist, Story Collection, Something Sensed; Someone Summoned, Steel Toe Books
  • 2021, Finalist, Flash Fiction, "This Thing with Sticks," New Millennium Writings.
  • 2021, Finalist, What Child Is This? Novel Slices Competition 
  • 2020, Winner, nonfiction, Soul-Making Literary Competition
  • 2020, Finalist, fiction Wild Woman Review, TulipTree Publishers 
  • 2019, Finalist, fiction New Millennium Writings
  • 2018, Quarter-Finalist for Screen Craft Cinematic Book Competition, What Child Is This?
  • 2016, Finalist, flash fiction New Millennium Writings
  • 2016  Finalist, story collection Willow Springs Editions
  • 2015 Finalist Dana Award for short fiction
  • 2015 Winner, fiction Washington Writers Publishing House
  • 2015 Finalist, story collection Willow Springs Editions
  • 2014 Finalist, fiction, Tobias Wolff Award, Bellingham Review
  • 2014 Fellow, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
  • ·         2013 First-place award, sports essay, Winning Writers
  • 2011  Third–place award, memoir, Memoirs Ink
  • 2010 Third-place award, nonfiction, Soul-Making Literary Competition
  • 2010 Fellow, The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
  • 2008. Finalist, The Flannery O'Connor Award for fiction
  • 2008 Finalist, Snake Nation Press Award for fiction
  • 2006 Award recipient for fiction, the Fitzgerald Literary Conference,
  • 2006 Honorable Mention, Best Lead Writing Contest
  • 2005. Finalist, fiction, The Iowa Review
  • 2005 Finalist, essay, The Chattahoochee Review
  • 2004 Finalist, fiction, The Litchfield Review 




Elected member, The National Book Critics Circle 
Elected member, The Authors Guild